2 brothers huddle in cold as they try to earn money to buy school books

Two tender aged boys sell eggs in streets late night to earn money for school books.

Mirpur has been dubbed “Mini London” on more than one occasion due to imposing grandiose homes and buildings present. The wealth of the region is further accentuated by that fact that banks have more than Rs 700,000,00 in deposits. Among such opulent richness, poverty find cover and peeks out through the cracks.

In popular commercial market, 7 and 4 year old boys huddled together as they try to find refuge from the biting cold winds and nights. One was counting money while the other held a pail of boiled eggs for selling. It was around 9 pm. Why were they out in the streets alone late at night? A man questioned approached them and questioned them. To which they revealed that they lived in a rented apartment in sector D/1 with their father.

Their father was hardworking man but sadly did not earn enough to fulfill all their needs. The two brothers are enrolled in the same school, class prep and nursery respectively. They needed to make enough money in order to be able to buy school books. That is why they are selling boiled eggs in the streets. The 7 year old further said that he was enrolled in school but as his father could not afford school fee he had to stop going.

While yours and our kids are snuggled up in bed in front of heater, these two innocent boys are slaving in the cold. The passion with which they wish to pursue their education demands respect and admiration. Such discipline and love for studying is what any parent would wish for in their child. We pay thousands of rupees in fees for our own children. Can we find it in our heart to help these two get education?

It is our duty as respectable citizens and members of community to help these children in their endeavors and may God we always with them through thick and thin.