2 British Citizen Murdered on a Land Dispute in Mangla Mirpur

Land Dispute between two groups took life of 2 men during exchange of firing on both sides.

According to details, at Mangla Nakki area two groups Chauadry Nazakat and Chaudry Anwaar were having a dispute on land. Both are relatives to each other.

Last day Chaudry Nazkat group opened fire at house of Chaudary Anwaar and killed him, in exchange of firing some members of Chaudry Nazakat group also received serious injuries. Including Arsalan son of Chaudary Nazkat, Aaqib and Salamat.

Injured were shifted to Mirpur Hospital where one in critical condition was referred to Islamabad who later died on the way to Islamabad.

A large number of people gathered out side of DHQ Mirpur including political personalities. Chaudry Anwaar was Counselor of Mangla Cant.