2 boys including a school child drowned in water ford in Bhimber

In outskirts of Bhimber, a child, 6th grade student, died while cathing fish and in another incident a family on tour from Sialkot lost their young boy who drowned in water channel while swimming.

According to details a family who came from Sialkot to Bhimber on tour lost their young boy who was swimming in water near Bhoota Moor. While Swimming he went into deep water and drowned. His dead body was recoverd by local people of area and handed over to family. Family took the dead body of their son to Sialkot for funeral.

In an other incident in Bhoota Sial village, a 6th grade student named Adeeb Mushtaq was cathing fish along with his friends in Naala (Ford) Bhimer near his home. His slipped into water and drowned. His friends shouted and cried for help. People nearby arrived on spot and found dead body floating on water. There was uproar in family when dead body of innocent boy reached home. Adeep Mustaq was only son and brother to 3 sisters. Father of Adeep is employed in Pak Army.

Everyone was sad on sudden death of boy, he was burreid in his native graveyard in presence of hundreds of mourners.