2 Bothers and Sister Jailed for delivering Heroin and Cocaine in West Midlands

Nozomul Ali a drug dealer resident of Manor Way, Whitchurch, who got his own brother Shanoor Ali, 24, and sister Fathia Begum, 26, both residents of Plantagenet Street, Riverside, to deliver heroin and crack cocaine across Cardiff has been jailed.

Police traced them when a woman named Laura Davies who is well known for drug offences went to Fathia Begum’s along with Shanoor Ali at her house. After few minutes Shanoor Ali returned back to his vehicle parked outside his sister’s home. Police arrest the woman and took her to police station and found 14 KG heroin from her.

Later police raided Fathia Begums house and found £6,667 cash and drugs hidden inside house in different places. Nozomul Ali houses was also raided and police found cash and drugs from his house too. Police also found different text messages for drugs dealing.

Nozomul Ali, his brother Shanoor Ali, 24, and sister Fathia Begum, 26, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine.

Nozomul Ali was supplying large quantities of drugs to dealers and later included his brother ans sister in his business.

Fathia Begum use to take care of her family at home along with handing over drugs packets to dealer who came to her house.

Nozomul Ali, was jailed for 8 years, Shanoor Ali, was sentenced to 14 months, suspended for 2 years, Fathia Begum was sentenced for 2 years suspended for 2 years.