19 year old divorced woman chopped off her Lover’s Pen** in Mirpur

(MirPur) In the name of love, 19 year old woman from Islamabad injured her lover and later on cut her own wrist too. Both the sweethearts were admitted to the hospital. For further investigation, they were taken to the police station, where attempts of reconciliation were made.

A resident of Medina Town, Islamabad, a 19 year old married woman “Q”, wanting to marry her lover, Badr Hussain son of Khalid Hussain, divorced her husband. Upon pressuring Badr Hussain into marrying her, he refused to do so. The following day, the met at a hotel in MirPur and got into a heated argument, resulting in “Q” injuring Badr with a sharp blade and chopped his private part, and then slitting her wrist aswell. They were taken to DHQ in this wounded condition, where Badr Huaasin’s brother was a police officer. In order to keep it discreet, photographs of both the lovers were not allowed to be taken. After getting bandaged, they were treated as guests. However, the girl is pressurized for reconciliation.