18 years old Girl raped by Husband’s Friends in Mirpur

Mirpur Rape Victim wither her Husband and Grand Mother

Mirpur Rape Victim wither her Husband and Grand Mother

Two Friends raped their friend’s wife in Mirpur. Both belongs to Islamgarh, one is Spain return and other owns a shop in Islamgarh. They called her out of her home, kidnapped her and then raped her whole night.

According to details Victim Girl who lives in Football Chowk, Mirpur with her Grand Mother. Her husbands two friends who knew about the situation of home, and that their friend is not at home. Late night they call the lady on phone on phone and asked her to open the door, saying your husband is along with us.

Poor Girl left her 1 years old son on Bed and opened the door as she opened the door, culprits kidnapped her and put her in their car and raped her for whole night.

Poor Girl begged them to leave her for the Sake of Allah and Muhammad but they did not listen to her. In morning they left through her on the road near her home.

In morning when her 1 year old son cried, Grand Mother woke up and could not find Victim Girl on bed. After searching her they found her on road. And called police.

Police has registered FIR against Friends of her husband and start searching for her. On Culprits is Spain Return while other is resident of Islamgarh.