17 year old sexually abuse victim shares his story

Resident of Kharak Muneeb, victim of sexual abuse reports to police. 2 convicts have been arrested while search for the third one continues.

Yasir son of Arshad Jatt along with his accomplices Arsalan Raj son of Raj Muhammad and Shakeeb somehow or other spirited 17 year old freshmen Muneeb to some deserted area. They then proceeded to sexually violate him. They even made a video! After the deed was done they left Muneeb and ran away.

Muneeb somehow or other managed to get home and revealed what had happened to him. His family immediately took him to Thothal Police Station where a formal complaint was filed. Sub Inspector Raja Farooq understanding the urgency of the matter started investigation and arrested two of the criminals. These would be Yasir and Arsalan. The search of the third criminal continues.

Muneeb made the right decision when he did not hide the deed but rather informed the police. This way we can assure that all such vicious men are taken off streets and are put safely behind bars. In our conservative societies countless sexual abuse incidents occur but most of them goes unreported for fear what society will say. This behavior only gives the aggressor a free ticket to continue indulging in wrongful activities. So it is very important that such incidents are reported and the guilty party punished!