16 years old Daughter Gets Pregnant by her Father in ShahdadPur, Pakistan

It may sound unbelievable but it happened in ShahdadPur, Pakistan. This is the worse case of abuse ever heard or reported here so far.

The victim, girl who is 16 years old, has lost her mother about 11 years ago when she was 7 years old. Her father named Mehmood Abbasi did not marry after wards.

Mehmood Abbasi who get his own Daughter Pregnant

Mehmood Abbasi who get his own Daughter Pregnant

The girl who was living with her father was molested severally by her Father. They use to share same bed and her father started such acts on her own real daughter.

Thing started from Kissing, touching private parts, and then i-n-t-e-r Course. The incident came into light when victim girl felt pain and went to see a doctor. She was reported pregnant after pregnancy tests appear positive.

It was then, victim girl decided to end THIS and reported it to police. Police arrested the culprit and put him behind bars.

During investigation Father Mehmood Abbasi admitted Kissing, Touching Private Parts and but did not admitted *nter*ourse.

Islam teaches us to separate the beds of children when they reach to age of “Balgohat”. In this case the man with no wife from last 11 years, there is no point of sharing bed with her young daughter. Which led them to such a stage.

May Allah Protect All of us and keep us on Right Track.