1529 Families affected and 55 people died due to recent Rains, Al-Khidmat Foundation

Mirpur (6thseptember2014,Bureau Report) The President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Azad Kashmir, Dr. Riaz Ahmed, while talking in detail about the recent rains, said that the Monsoon rains beginning from the 3rd September have caused wide spread destruction in Azad Kashmir as a result, affecting the lives of thousands of people.

According to a speculation, up till now, 270 Families have been affected and 15 people have died in District Palandri, whereas on the other side, 403 affected families in District Muzaffarabad, 256 Families affected and 2 people died in District Bagh, 125 Affected families and the news of death of 2 people from District Poonch has been received. 97 Families of District Kotli affected by the heavy rains and 2 people died, whereas, 2 more deaths in District Mirpur and 170 Families where badly affected, In District Bhimber 94 families were severely affected and 5 people drowned. In District Hatian Bala 114 families were badly damaged whereas in District Hawaili and Neelum 6 villages were severely affected and 7 people died.

While explaining the details, Dr Riaz further said that the Department of Meteorology has predicted that this system of rain will remain in Azad Kashmir till mid-September.

According to the details and data acquired by the Al-Khidmat Foundation through various sources, the recent rains in Azad Kashmir have to be a huge Natural Disaster and have broken the records of last 25 years. It is the first time that the rains have caused such a wide scale destruction and all the Districts of Azad Kashmir have been badly affected.

The President Al-Khidmat Foundation further told the reporters that the Al-Khidmat Foundation has started relief activities in whole of Azad Kashmir and our hundreds of volunteers are busy doing Relief Works. He also appealed to the Affluent people and traders to give funds to the Al-Khidmat Foundation with open heart and to provide Relief Goods in the Centers of Al-Khidmat Foundation or to Provide donations in our Bank Account Number 857-CD AJK Bank or Faisal Bank Account No 030053080000664. He further appealed to the media to play their role by a starting a campaign to involve various Organizations and Influential and able Personalities in the Relief Works.