15 year old student dies in school-Teachers mentors or killers?

Teacher Arfan beats his student using sticks which ultimately leads to his demise. What impression are we leaving on our kids? Violence is acceptable? Teachers are our mentors away from home but it seems we just might be better off not having such mentors in our lives.

Abdul Waheed son of Abdul Razaq are resident of Budhar Surakhi in Dadyal. Abdul Waheed was enrolled in Government High School Surakhi. A teacher at this school turned devil incarnation himself when his student had not timely learnt his lesson. Abdul Waheed at the receiving end of his rage collapsed. The principal of the school immediately sent everyone home declaring it to be home time. Abdul Waheed was rushed to hospital but doctors after looking him over pronounced him dead even before he came to hospital.

Talking to his fellow 7th grader we found out that the teacher’s name was Arfan and he is computer teacher. During class Abdul Waheed not knowing the lesson was beaten with a stick 14 times. Waheed collapsed and died on the spot. Previously before he had a hernia operation. Perhaps that too contributed to his demise. The Dadyal Police is investigating the matter.

The local community is very much distressed that such villains are teaching their children. This violent fit of rage can be not be brushed aside. Beating and using violence are outdated teaching methods and should no longer be used as they harm no one but the child.