12 Rabi-u- Awal Eid Milad un Nabi preparations at its peak in Mirpur

Mirpur included neighboring locations are actively working to decorate streets, making mountains out of sands and all things associated with in the Prophet PBUH.

Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Iqbal Ahmed ensured the presence of security and medical emergency services will be available at various sectors on 12 RABI-UL-Awal. He visiting these locations in person. During these visits, the Members of Milad Committee assured him that the joyous occasion shall be celebrated with dignity and decorum, keeping all religious ideologies in mind. Keeping in mind the delicate social atmosphere intense security precautions will be taken to safeguard all. The religious groups-Jalsa- shall be given security under the command of magistrate. Ministry of City Defense along with Ministry of health will work alongside to provide ambulances and trained doctors at my points along the route the religious groups will adopt. The group will conclude their walk at Masjid Mufti Abdul Hakeem. Any are welcome to join them and express his happiness on the birthday of our beloved Prophet PBUH.

The day shall be started with Quran recitation and Prayer. Central jail convicts will be fed by District Council and Municipal committee will distribute fruit to sick in hospitals. It is hoped all goes well and these precautions will keep everyone safe and sound. Happy eid Milad-un-Nabi to all!