100% Increase in Electricity Bills, Bills consisting of multiple taxes are issued

The political and public and representative of all the citizen of Mirpur, the authority of Mirpur are negligent of the problems and deprivations of the public resultantly the city seems to have become an orphan and people indifferent. The responsible authorities are paying no heed to the problems of the people and the people of the orphaned city have no idea of whom they should look up to.

The people are tired of the opportunist politics of the corrupt politicians and photo session addicted prominent personalities and has now decided to raise their voice by starting a movement to protect their basic rights and to wake the people.

They have rejected the 20 year old public and political movements and expressed their lack of confidence on them. MNAs of the Mirpur Assembly are criminally silent on the present situation. The electricity bills in Mirpur have been 100% increased withthe inclusion of GST, Neelum Jehlum Surcharge and many othher taxes. The PM Azad Kashmir has turned a deaf ear to the voices of the affectees of Mangla Dam, their rights. Public are criticizing the deathly silence of both the opposition and government leaders over Kashmiri Issues.

They have concluded that these opportunist and corrupt politicians are the root cause of all problems and have developed to make the silent politicians pay in the next elections. Public have warned the politicians to not try their patience and correct their wrong doings otherwise they will unite against both the present MNAs and Opposition leaders and will not even elect them as councilors.