10 years old Boy raped by his real cousin at home in Mirpur

10 years old Owais Riaz son of Muhammad Riaz was raped by his real cousin in Sector B/4 of Mirpur Azad Kashmir. Father of victim boy gave application to city police station in Mirpur, who started investigation.

According to details, Tahir Mehmood son of Ghulam Mehmood resident of Sargoodha who came to Mirpur for a job and stayed at his aunt house in Sector B-4.

Last day he get a chance after he found no body is present at home and raped his 10 years old cousin Owais Riaz. Owais told his father about how Tahir Mehmood molested him and raped him.

Father of victim boy went to police station and complaint about the Tahir Mehmood whom he gave residence free of cost at his home, offered food and get him clean and pressed clothes, has raped his 10 years old child.

Police arrested Tahir Mehmood and started investigating him and also registered FIR against him.

According to survey, mostly child abuse is done by family cousins and by some elder boys in the town who molest children in the family and in neighborhood, as they are the easy target.