1 Died during Brawl between 2 groups in Jatlan Mirpur

During Brawl between two Transporter groups of Jabbi and Barahng villages of Jatlan Town in Mirpur, 1 man lost his life.

According to details, at Jabbi, Jatlan area brawl started between two groups of transporters on Timing of Vans and their fair price.

Naeem Raheel son of Raja Raheel resident of Kalari village who is said to be police servant go injured when opposite group of Kalari opened fire on him.

Naeem Raheel was taken to Mirpur DHQ Hospital in critical condition from where he was referred to Islamabad but could not survive and died.

Angry Crowd of people have burnt a van and Blocked Jatan Mirpur Road for several hours. Father of Naeem Raheel named Raja Raheel Runs a transport business in Kalari. While Naeem Raheel served at Supreme Court in Mirpur as guard.

Police officers reached on spot and promised to arrest the person of opponent groups who opened fire.

On a Minor dispute of transport one transporter group  of Bharang opened fire on other group of Kalari at Jatlan

Police Servant Naeem Raheel in hospital in critical Condition.

Jatlan is a big town in Mirpur and large number of Transporters operate from there on route from Jatlan to Mirpur City.