Zayn Malik’s Sisiter Safaa, 17, Criticized for Getting Married in her Teenage Years

Zayn Malik’s sister Safaa gets married three days after 17th birthday with her boyfriend Martin Tiser on Monday in a traditional Nikkah ceremony in Bradford.

The circulating pictures that were posed by Zayn’s mother Trisha showed the bride radiating in heavy traditional clothing alongside her husband Martin as well as other family members including her two elder sisters Waliya and Doniya.

It is reported that Safaa is currently in high school. Soon after the pictures were posted on social media, netizens began criticising Safaa for getting married in her teenage years, prompting a disclaimer from Martin Tiser.

Meanwhile it appears that the comments’ section has been disabled on the wedding photos posted by Trisha Malik.

Why would you get married at 17? we all know people use to get married young many years ago. Things were different then, that’s not the norm today. People should have fun, party, live life, in your late 20s, early 20s. You have your whole life to settle down.

I’d say he has broken away from his religion at this point. Marriage at 17 is hard to understand.

Too young. She should have been encouraged to finish school first and focus on her exams.

She looks 37 though, so don’t worry about her getting married too young

THe groom looks 17 and the girl looks much older ..anyway wish them the best

they are not even old enough too know what marriage is let alone be married

The legal minimum age to enter into a marriage in England and Wales is sixteen years, although this requires consent of parents and guardians if a participant is under eighteen.

This is just a religious ceremony, not a legal marriage, so there is no legal age restriction on it.

There should be legislation that makes it illegal to perform religious marriages that are not accompanied by legal marriage documentation, because women in religious-only marriages do not enjoy the protections that legally married women do, particularly if they become widowed or divorced before legal marriage documentation.