Zaheer, 41, of ‘Rolllayy Sholllayy’ Group, still under investigation 5 months after his ‘obscene’ hate rant video

A Preston taxi driver who filmed a hate-filled rant against Muslim converts to Christianity remains under investigation – five months after his arrest for religious harassment.

Zaheer, 41, of 'Rolllayy Sholllayy' Group, Could be Stripped of Taxi Licence for anti-Christian Tirade

Zaheer, 41, of ‘Rolllayy Sholllayy’ Group, Could be Stripped of Taxi Licence for anti-Christian Tirade

The 41-year-old hackney carriage driver was arrested five months ago on Wednesday, December 19, after he posted an ‘obscene video’ online.

The video went viral and was reported to Lancashire Police by a Preston woman who expressed concern over the video’s ‘extremist views’.

Prior to his arrest, more than 2,000 people signed a petition calling for his licence to be permanently revoked by Preston City Council.

The taxi driver was arrested under suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment before being released on bail “pending further investigation” until Wednesday, January 16.

His bail was then further extended until Sunday, March 10.

On March 19, Lancashire Police informed the Post that the man remained under investigation.

Today (May 29) – following a five-month investigation into the alleged offence – the force has confirmed that the controversial taxi driver is still under investigation.

On Wednesday, January 9, the driver handed in his hackney carriage licence after he was summoned before Preston City Council’s Taxi and Miscellaneous Committee for review.

He later released a second video in which he apologised for his “offensive” comments.

Lancashire Police did not confirm when the investigation is likely to be concluded.