Zafar Rahmen, 55, married Shazia Riaz, 47, Despite Having Wife and 5 Children in Sheffield

Zafar Rahmen, 55, of Tinsley, Sheffield married Shazia Riaz, 47, in an Islamic ceremony even though he was already married to another woman and had five children.

The pair had met in May 2018 and Rahmen subsequently proposed to her under Islamic law. However in June 2018 she found out through one of Rahmen’s friends he was still married to another woman and had five children and she felt betrayed.

They still got married but in June 2019 his first wife became aware of their marriage and Ms Riaz felt she had to get away.

Shazia Riaz an immigration lawyer split up with him after finding his other family, who lived in a house 40 miles away, and decided to split up with him.

But instead of accepting the break-up, Rahmen bombarded her with malicious messages, set up a blog in a bid to smear her.

Rahmen made Ms Riaz’s life a ‘living hell’ after she decided to leave him, stalking her and frightening her two children by coming to her house.

Sentencing JPs told Rahmen: ‘A probation officer feels this behaviour as pre-emptive, planned and persistent – a pattern of behaviour which led to the victim having to change her way of life.

He was ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work, pay £170 court costs and attend a course on ‘building better relationships’.

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