Young Girl, Dragged from Toilet to Roof, Kidnapped, Abused, Head Shaved, Paraded in Streets by 6 men

A young girl has been abused until she lost consciousness, before having her head shaved and being paraded through her village as punishment in Gaya district of Bihar, east India on August 14.

Six men kidnapped the girl when she went to the toilet and dragged her to the roof of a Panchayat building – a local self-government system in place in India.

Police said the girl was repeatedly abused by the men until she lost consciousness, was abandoned near home. Later a villager saw her a day after the attack and took her home.

A Local Panchayat, under the influence of the accused’s family, called for the girl to be punished. She had her head shaved and was marched through the village.

Police reportedly only stepped in after the victim and her mother contacted the top officer in the district on Saturday.

Officer Niranjana Kumari said six people have been arrested.

She said: ‘All the five panchayat members, who held the meeting and ordered the punishment, have been named as accused and have been detained.

Bihar Women Commission’s Chairperson Dilmani Mishra said she had requested a report on the handling of the case. She asked Gaya Senior Superintendent of Police for all the those in the Panchayat to be put before the Commission on September 2.