World Needs to Give More Respect to Pakistan Says British Army Ex-General, Following Royal Couple Visit

A former British Army General has commended Pakistan’s improving security situation, saying that the country has established order under the current military command.

Jonathan Shaw recently paid a visit to different areas in Pakistan. He is the former head of the Special Air Service (SAS) and also the in charge of Pakistan policy.

In an article for the Spectator magazine, Major-General (retired) Jonathan David Shaw wrote that the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Pakistan is “showcasing Pakistan as it is today” rather than the past, and that the visit shows how Pakistan has transformed its internal security situation.

The former general wrote that General Bajwa has focused on supporting the softer aspects of societal re-growth. “When I used to go to Pakistan regularly during 2009 and 2010, I saw a country facing an existential crisis. Pakistan harbours 2.7 million refugees from 1979 then 2001 invasions in Afghanistan,” wrote Jonathan Shaw.

Shaw said, “The government has

taken control of 28,000 madrassas, their teachers and the curriculum, with the consent of local religious leaders. In a bid to stop infiltration of militants, the country’s border with Afghanistan is being sealed off.”

He also lauded the army’s decision of fencing and intensive vigilance on the Pak-Afghan border to eliminate any chances of cross-border terrorism.

I visited the Khyber Pass section of the 833 km fence, with 700 guard forts along its route, soon to be augmented by CCTV and sensor devices. This $1bn effort has choked off the Haqqani and TTP terrorist networks.

He praised how the new military and political leadership has made positive progress and arrested the terrorists on US ‘watch-list.’

He remarked, “Now is not the time to ask for more from Pakistan; now is the time for the world to give more respect to Pakistan.”