Wife Burnt Husband to Death for Forcing her to do Immoral Things, She Didn’t Like, In Pakistan

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A woman in Mardan burnt her husband to death for forcing her to do immoral stuff.

As per details, the tragic incident happened at Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) where the woman gave her husband drugs that made the man unconscious.

Police said the women set her husband ablaze during his unconsciousness. Police have arrested the accused and a case has been registered against the woman.

The woman in her statement recorded to police said the reason behind this killing was that her husband forced him to do unethical things. I could not control myself and killed my husband, she said.

She her husband used to force her into doing immoral things. She said that he would force her into things that she did not like. She burnt her alive after giving him toxic pills.

Earlier, a paralyzed man was burnt alive in Mansoorabad police limits on Wednesday.

A police spokesman said 71-year-old Muhammad Hussain of Mansoorabad had been suffering from paralysis sometime ago and he was on bed.

He was smoking when his bed caught a fire which caused severe burn injuries to the man who was shifted to the Allied Hospital where doctors strive hard to save his life but he succumbed to his injuries.

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