Weather Alert: Snow Hits Britain Again with ‘Pest from the West’

Several parts of the UK have already woken up to snow this morning – as the ‘Pest from the West’ picks up from where the ‘Beast from the East’ left off.

Weather Alert: Snow Hits Britain Again with 'Pest from the West'

Weather Alert: Snow Hits Britain Again with ‘Pest from the West’

North Wales and West Yorkshire are among the regions where the white stuff said to be “coming down quite hard”.

traffic problems are reported in Liverpool, Preston, Huddersfield, Leeds and Bradford – while on Merseyside some schools have decided to close for the day.

Weather warnings for snow and ice have been placed in effect for many parts of the country today – with FOUR INCHES set to plunge down in parts of the UK.

Government forecasters say they are ‘keeping an eye’ on the deep low-pressure system gathering pace off the south-west coast.

The storm could unleash gusts of up to 60mph across swathes of Britain with almost an inch of rain falling on thawing snow threatening flood chaos.

The churning vortex will pull freezing air back into Northern Britain and Scotland putting the region

at risk from heavy and ‘disruptive’ snowfall this weekend.

Last week’s historic cold snap is all but a distant memory for some with many now enjoying sunshine and double-digit temperatures.

The Met Office said the mercury could hit 13C (55.4F) across southern Britain by the end of the week as mild air is pulled in from the Atlantic.

West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit have said there have been collisions on the M62 near junction 32 and added: “Please take extra care, even 4X4 vehicles wheels still skid on ice.”

Some schools have also decided to close today while others will start later than normal.

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