Two men Arrested with a woman in a socially unacceptable manner, Chakswari

The police of chakswari are taking strict action against obscenity, as they arrested two men and a woman in a socially acceptable manner. They were arrested for their actions.

Chakswari Police arrested two men and a women for obscenity, after they received news for a local source.

Wednesday morning around 6am, Chakswari Police SHO was called and informed about the two men and woman. As they were seen in New town Chakswari, Sector D, at a home that is under construction.

The local reported of seeing two suspicious man with a woman entering the house. The police issued a raid, and the two men and woman was arrested.

Intezar Ahmed, son of Muhammed Khaliq, cast Jutt, is a resident of Sirah e Alamgir, with Mohammed Jameel, son of Kabir ur Dinn, casr Juggar, a resident of Esar Chaskwari, along with a woman (unnamed) resident of Dina Jehlum were arrested and the case was filed.

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