Talented Girl Conned Pakistani Women By Offering Baking Classes in Rochdale

A very well known talented baker, in Manchester who is offering some great classes – there are growing numbers of people who she has taken deposits from, cancelled classes often on the day, then refused to refund the money, repeatedly ignored and then actively blocked from all means of communication with her.

Pakistani Talented Girl Conned Women By Offering Baking Classes in Rochdale
Pakistani Talented Girl Conned Women By Offering Baking Classes in Rochdale

Many of the girls who are the victims came up to expose her and to take their refund.

Baker girl responded to them.

‘I have been running a cake business/teaching since 2013, taught over 1800 women’

‘I work extremely hard, sometimes work double classes, teach all day, all week without taking a day off. So don’t take what I have worked so hard for just because you haven’t done the same’.

‘I will always go that extra mile when I see a lady has a huge passion in the business by either offering them extra classes free of charge

or just by staying hours later than expected’

‘Ladies who are still posting messages in regards to me not refunding be honest show your refunds’.

‘Show me where i have scammed you/defrauded you/refused you a refund’.

‘The girls who have started all this have family and friends who have personally messaged me to advise me to ignore them.

Below is the message from one of Victim named Ms Khan: as it is

Hi can you post this on your wall please, she has been scamming people for years and is making out she is the victim.

In response to a recent message posted by baker girl, which she later removed/ made private from public post: as she has prevented us from responding we have done so below!

Where there is a will there is a way! Once again we stress our reason for taking to social media is to get our deposits back. We are not interested in her life, her success, or anything else. Our only interest is our refunds!