Woman harassers were arrested and taken to the police station. View point park, is the only family park, and five young men were arrested for harassing a woman. Locals are protesting a through and full investigation on the matter. According … Continue reading

Motorcycle and rikshaw accident, one died and four were injured. A motorcycle and rikshaw collided in fast speed which caused a death and serious injury of four. The accident happened at pullmanda nagyal, and the motorcyclist Safeer died on spot. … Continue reading

Former Minister’s right hand man was arrested with his friend gambling away money. Jatlan Police has arrested a former minister’s right hand man along with his friend, as they gambling their money when the police called a raid. The police … Continue reading

4 year old dies, as DHQ hospital was unable to provide with a single antidote of snake bite. Balwara, Khari Shareef’s, leader Ch Yasir’s four year old son passes away when the hospital failed to offer a snake bite antidote. … Continue reading

Dadyal, a fake land record accountant had started conning locals for thousands of rupees. Any concerned person who comes to the office is told the names of high ranking police officer, and personal to take lack’s from them. The affected victims … Continue reading

The National Action Plan and its future seems to be in trouble as the Afghani’s are back. They were deported due to various reasons, but they have taken the help of a few locals to come back and settle in … Continue reading

Raid at Jatlan head police found half a kilo of drugs, along with 70 bottles of alcohol. Jatlan police raided Jatlan head and found 70 bottles of alcohol, along with half a kilo of drugs. Culprit Zahid Abbas, was arrested … Continue reading

MUST University turned into a war zone, as dozens of students were injured in a brawl. The students of MUST university got into a disagreement, and a simple argument soon heated up and turned into a huge fight. They grabbed … Continue reading

After brothers bail was denied, her sister lashed out at a goldsmith’s shop, broke all the glass, and injured the owner. Sister lashed out in anger, and did not even think about her actions. Sarafa Bazar, Shezad Hamid, goldsmith’s shop … Continue reading

Con-men are making the life of lower class families hell, as they have conned families for their money. These people have lost every last penny, as con-men promised them their land back. They thought they were getting them back, but … Continue reading