Murder or Suicide? Halkabad at the dam site, a dead body was found of a 21 year old man. The body belongs to Asif Chaudary, from Dadyal Bihari, who was a BA student. According to details a body was seen … Continue reading

Five year old drowned in Mangla Dam, parents are still in shock Furqan, a five year old drowned in Mangla Dam, and his parents are devastated and still in shock after hearing the news. Sources tell us that the boy … Continue reading

Wheat destroyed by mangla dam, and the rest was taken care of by WAPDA. Due to the water levels rising around Mangla Dam wheat fields in those areas was destroyed. During the last two weeks there has been heavy rainfall … Continue reading

Shahid Ahmed Ghori engineer from Dadyal circle suspended by DG mangla housing authority. Mr. Shahid Ahmed Ghori the head engineer from Dadyal Circle was suspended due to his lack of interest in his job. The public has rejected him as … Continue reading

An unidentifiable body of a 25 year old man recovered from Mangla dam Mangla, In the range of Police Station Mangla, an unidentifiable body of a 25 year old man was found at Chitarpari. The young man was wearing black … Continue reading

Big revelations about the politician, Ijaz Raza told the untold. Mirpur, Former candidate for Legislative assembly LA-3 Mirpur says that the commercial shops in New City should be allotted to the unemployed youth, instead of auctioning them. We will not … Continue reading

Mirpur, A dead body floating on the surface of Mangla Dam was recovered. According to details, Police arrived immediately on site after the news broke out. The body was taken out of water with the help of rescue workers and … Continue reading

Mangla Dam has taken away three lives from the same house. As in a tragic accident three brothers passes away today. There is no doubt that the pressure cannot be fought, and once you are in it is hard to … Continue reading