Motorcycle and rikshaw accident, one died and four were injured. A motorcycle and rikshaw collided in fast speed which caused a death and serious injury of four. The accident happened at pullmanda nagyal, and the motorcyclist Safeer died on spot. … Continue reading

Electricity department has visited a few villages near Khari Shareef, and found illegal electricity connection have been installed. They have removed all of them, and issued a warning against the concerned parties. Khari Shareef, SDO issued a letter to meter … Continue reading

Fiaz Ali, a resident of Khari Shareef was found dead in Italy. His body was found from the sea, and he was there for work. The last conversation he had with his family was on 20th April, and his body … Continue reading

She was arrested with her two lovers, and taken to the local police station. Khari Shareef, a married woman was arrested with her two lovers. They were arrested on spot and taken to the police station for further enquiry. According … Continue reading

Jehlum river is said to be changing its course, and heading towards the outskirts of  Khari Shareef. They are saying that river Jehlum is changing its course, and it might drown areas such as Ganda Sarwani, Qazi Chak, and Barsali. … Continue reading

Kharri Shareef, Baang Dawara, one house caught fire due to a short circuit. The short circuit was sudden, and soon it burned down lack’s worth of products. Kharri Shareef, Baang Dawara, house burned down as neighbours watched and tried to … Continue reading