Dadyal, a fake land record accountant had started conning locals for thousands of rupees. Any concerned person who comes to the office is told the names of high ranking police officer, and personal to take lack’s from them. The affected victims … Continue reading

  The police has filed a report against 8 gamblers, who were arrested under the gambling act. They even uncovered a huge sum of money that was used for gambling. The unnecessary use of loudspeakers, firing weapons on weddings, animal … Continue reading

Dadyal: Govt Girls school, Rajoha is on the verge of destruction. School teacher has been sitting at home for the past six months and only comes in to collect her pay. The education department is sitting and watching as a … Continue reading

Mirpur Police raided and arrested an unmarried couple. Burkhay Village, Mirpur, is where the couple was found in an socially unacceptable manner. The tip came from a local, and the police arrested the young unmarried couple, in the act. Gohar … Continue reading

Sweet homes day care center in Dadyal, kid burnt with hot iron. Two kids from sweet homes day care center in Dadyal got into an argument, and one of them burnt the other one with a hot iron. Usman, who … Continue reading

Shahid Ahmed Ghori engineer from Dadyal circle suspended by DG mangla housing authority. Mr. Shahid Ahmed Ghori the head engineer from Dadyal Circle was suspended due to his lack of interest in his job. The public has rejected him as … Continue reading