Electricity department Chakswari’s line man Manzoor Hussain lost his life after fighting it for two weeks. Chakswari, line man Manzoor Hussain was suffering in Islamabad Complex Hospital, and passed away after two weeks. He was fixing an electricity line in … Continue reading

The man who gave 3 Medical Colleges to his City, cannot even give a bed in his own hometowns hospital. Chakswari, PM who gave the city three medical colleges, was unable to provide a single hospital bed for the people … Continue reading

Naz Shah, a kashmiri british said, that she will fight for the rights of the Asian community overseas. She added that people who marry someone from back home should not have to show such a huge amount as it is … Continue reading

The police of chakswari are taking strict action against obscenity, as they arrested two men and a woman in a socially acceptable manner. They were arrested for their actions. Chakswari Police arrested two men and a women for obscenity, after … Continue reading

Traders of Chakswari face extreme water shortage with the arrival of Summers Chakswari, With the arrival of summer season, Chaksawari faces extreme shortage of water. Chakswari market water closed from last 5 days. Citizens and traders are facing extreme hard … Continue reading