Transport on government level is a dream, and private transport is not feasible for everyone. Mirpur, private transport is not economical, as majority of the people who use public or private transport are not financially stable to buy their own … Continue reading

Spoiled police officer has been annoying a woman, she was so sick of him that she had to take medias help. Police Official Nazir, has made her life a living hell, and threatens to kill her son. Musarat Jaan, was … Continue reading

The Former Prime Minister Azad Kashmir and present President PTI Barrister Sultan says that he shocked Abdul Majeed by winning the by-election and as a consequence he had to loose his Party Presidentship. All the organisations under Abdul Majeed’s Presidentship … Continue reading

Mirpur, Former candidate Assembly Ch Mohammad Ashraf is expected to be given the charge of Department Fisheries along with Senior Advisor, Sources tell us. After loosing the by-election, not only PM Azad Kashmir has to loose his party presidency and … Continue reading

Ch Mohammad Ashraf to be appointed Senior Advisor for PM Ch Abdul Majeed. Mirpur, The former candidate for Legislative Assembly Ch Mohammad Ashraf to be appointed Senior Advisor for PM Azad Kashmir, Ch Abdul Majeed. After the defeat in Mirpur … Continue reading

PPP Azad Kashmir Nominee for Presidential Candidate revealed. Mirpur, During the 3 ½ year government, PPPP Azad Kashmir has lost 5 by-elections , adding to the problems faced by Prime Minister Azad Kashmir. Disagreement between 4 prominent leaders of the … Continue reading

Noor Hussain Inqalabi split ways with Ch Abdul Majeed Mirpur, PPP leader Noor Hussain Inqalabi says that Mirpur the city of overseas Pakistani’s has become a problematic city. The rights of Mirpur city and its people are intentionally neglected. The … Continue reading

(Mirpur) PML (N) supported the candidate of PPP who was defeated by Barrister Sultan in the Mirpur Bi-election, indicating the increase in PTI’s fame in public. Many political leaders and workers are now inclined towards PTI, after being disappointed by … Continue reading