Student who stabbed two Teenagers at Campus Row Over Ex-Girlfriend is Jailed

Mohammed Alsarayefi, 19, of Fallowfield, Manchester, stabbed two other teenagers outside the canteen following a row over a girl has been locked up for six years.

Ravaah Ahmedi, then 18, confronted Alsarayefi then, 17, after reading online that his ex-girlfriend Zulaikha Hussain was dating his rival, on November 11, 2016.

An argument erupted between both of them during a morning coffee break over a post he left on Snapchat, outside the canteen at The Manchester College’s Shena Simon Campus.

Ravaah Ahmedi split up with girlfriend of two years Zulaikha Hussain akn Zilli after he accused her of having a fling with a different boy. She then began dating Alsarayefi.

Ravaah Ahmedi told Mo (Mohammed Alsarayefi) he could move forward with her as he is not interested in sloppy seconds.

After some days, Mo posted a story about Ravaah Ahmedi and Zilli on snapchat, which he thought Mo did it on purpose.

The next day Ravaah Ahmedi along with his friend Mr Dore, saw both Mo and Zilli into the canteen. He went over to speak to Mo with the intention of having a conversation with him.

They went outside

to have a chat, there Mo asked him, Is it about I am HAVING your Ex-girlfriend, upon which Ravaah Ahmedi punched Mo and fight erupted.

Mo stabbed both Mr Ahmedi and Mr Dore. Alsarayefi fled the scene but was arrested later. Alsarayefi, now 19, is now behind bars for 6 years after being convicted of two charges of grievous bodily at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester.

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