Story of Plus Size British-Pakistani Model, Says Underweight Modelling is bad for Health

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British-Pakistani plus size model Lady Mya Amarise has become a constant presence at plus size modelling competitions in Britain, America and many other places and she promotes the view that underweight modelling is bad for health, fashion and human society.

She told in an interview that using underweight models and shaming curvaceous and healthy women is wrong and unethical and must be discouraged.

She got married to a relative from Pakistan at a young age of 16 and the couple had four children together and then the plus size factor caused issues in their marriage.

She tells, “I was degraded for it that’s why I embraced what was my weakness to empower myself and motivate other women like myself who suffer. I decided to part ways due to a lot of uncertainty and personality clashes. I empowered myself what put me down for 15 years of marriage.”

She set up her own salon in Essex and fashion business and has been involved in the running of business besides raising children. Now in her early 40s, she graduated a few years back with a BA Honours Degree from a London university.

Mya first entered a national competition called Miss British Beauty Curve in 2013 in Chigwell, East London. She became the first ever-Asian woman to have entered this kind of competition.

She won another competition in 2014. In 2015 She was approached to represent Asian women in a New York competition and in that competition she was crowned as Miss Asian International.”

At another competition in 2016, she was a runner-up as Ms Pakistan Commonwealth States and that competition was held in London.

She explained that women who are forced to adopt to thinness are, in many cases, involved in use of drugs, drink and tablets to kill their appetite for food in order to stay slim.

Lady Mya has a strong message for the mainstream fashion industry, which in her view, discriminates against bigger women and encourages their hatred by appreciating only the thin-sized women.

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