Story of a White Girl, 26, Forced to Have ‘Nikah’ with Two Pakistani Men in UK

Sarah, 26, (not her real name) was kidnapped by gang leader in a Tesco car parking at the age of 15 and was kept slave for about 12 years.

She became particularly attached to the gang leader ‘Jerry’ (not his real name). Sarha thought Jerry loved her because he kept telling her so.

He said ‘my parents didn’t care for me because English families don’t look after their girls like Pakistani Muslim ones.’

In 2005 when she was at a Tesco food store a few minutes from her house. Jerry rang on her phone and asked to come in his car.

He drove her away, in industrial estate, and took her to a house, where he asked for her mobile phone, taking out the sim card and snapping it in two.

Her marriage was conducted by the local mosque’s imam at a terraced house in the Home Counties, after marriage pictures she was taken to a room at upstairs. Where Jerry her new husband assaulted.

Jerry told her that he had married her, showed her the Islamic wedding certificate signed by an imam at the local mosque.

Her family kept searching for her after she failed to return from Tesco. Jerry hid her in various houses and cut off her contact with the outside world by refusing her a mobile phone or computer.

She was assaulted, forced to cook and clean. She was made to learn the Koran in Arabic and allowed to speak only in the Pakistani languages of Urdu and Punjabi.

Forced to wear Islamic robes with a head-covering hijab, she had to cook, clean and iron for hours every day.

One day, Jerry announced their marriage was over. Under Islamic rules, he told Sarah three times that they were divorced.

Then suddenly she was married to another man in

2012 after she was kidnapped for 7 years. She was asked to wear bridal dress and was pushed downstairs to the ceremony and clapping guests. It was over in minutes and she was ordered back upstairs — with her new husband.

Sarah, at the age of 26, finally escaped the gang but but Jerry’s gang did not give up and traced her out and same old routine continued.

Finally, a neighbour called the police to report a domestic violence incident. Sarah was taken to hospital and there started to tell police she was a prisoner, sparking inquiries into her kidnap which continue today, more than three years later.

The gang offered her £30,000 to silence her. Sarah’s case is in limbo as police try to gather sufficient evidence for the Crown Prosecution Service to bring charges against the gang.

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