Special Charted Flights to UK Charging Upto £4000 Per Passenger

To meet the dead line of 9 April several British Pakistanis have rushed to Pakistani airlines to get back the UK.

Special Charted Flights to UK Charging Upto £4000 Per Passenger
Special Charted Flights to UK Charging Upto £4000 Per Passenger

Following the increase in demand of flights to UK, to meet the demand for flights to the UK before the ban s of Special Assistant to the PM on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfiqar Bukhari has welcomed Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for operating 13 special flights to the United Kingdom.

Zulfiqar Bukhari tweeted, Grateful to all international carriers for providing much needed & timely help to UK based #OverseasPakistanis.

Along with PIA other airlines are also allowed to charted their flights to UK this week before the Apr 9 restrictions: 5 BA (3 scheduled+2extra) 3 Virgin 4 PIA/affiliated 2 Turkish 1 Gulf are charted.

Earlier PIA was accused of exorbitant prices for UK flights. Their sky high prices were around £1,500 for a one-way flight to London.

But now a British nationals has

complained that he was left with no optoin but to book business class ticket with Gulf Airline for £4000 for connect flight, from Islamabad to Bahrain and then London.

Below is the response of British Pakistanis on Charted Flights prices.

Ticket price is around £4000 per person better to stay in a Hotel in UK , airlines are ripping with both hands.

Wife went to travel agents yesterday and got booking with BA for 355000 Rupees back to Heathrow These flights don’t show online availability so you have to go to the Pakistan office of the sent and sit there with patience..

Airline offices are saying the flights are fully booked or the seats are way too expensive. There appears no transparent process of booking seats of these flights-made two visits to PIA office and was told no confirmation of additional flights. Contradicting information all over.

These airlines when approached are advising passengers to bring 300,000 cash per passenger to the airport. I hope you are aware of this.