Son, 35, ‘killed his Mum, 56, During Row, Cut her Up and stuffed her in Bin, Threw her in River

Son, 35, is alleged to have ‘accidentally’ killed the 56-year-old accountant during a row at his flat. Police made the grisly discovery after the 35-year-old man reported his mum missing and workers saw her body under a pile of rubbish.

It is claimed he pushed her so hard she knocked her head against a door frame and died instantly.

Police arrested him after looking at his internet history where they found he had searched ‘how to hide a dead body’.

He had also bought a plastic barrel, gardening shears and a knife to cut up and hide the corpse to avoid responsibility, according to police.

Deceased’s body was transported by a rubbish truck to the landfill site outside the city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine’s Mykolaiv Oblast region.

On the following day, he reported his mother missing to the police. The remains were quickly identified and detectives started investigating her son.

Sergiy Sydorenko, the chief of the Mykolaiv Regional Police, said: “Checking on the son, detectives discovered ‘how to hide a dead body’ query on his computer.

During a police interrogation, the man confessed to the crime saying that ‘he did not intend to kill his mother’, officers say.

The suspect faces 15 years in prison if found guilty.