Should British Asian Women Reveal Their Past to their Husbands ?

With British Asian women becoming more independent and confident, is revealing her past to a date or husband a problem?

Here is mix response from some British Asian Women and Men.

Sameena, a business student, said:

“I think British Asian men find it hard to accept a woman who’s had past relationships. So, if you want to marry within your community it’s best not reveal your wild side.”

Anika, Said:

“I have to say I did not agree or believe this until I got married. I then realised it was best not tell him about my past,”

A student, said:

See that’s exactly it! Why does it matter? If a man can have as many relationships as they want why can’t a woman? Why is the number a judgmental point?”

Hammad a Law Student said:

Women who reveal their relationships like this can introduce doubt into the man’s mind about her fidelity. So, trust is tampered with even if she is just being up-front.

The problem is an Asian guy can sleep around and do

what he wants but he still wants the so called ‘virgin’ bride. He can’t cope with a woman who has past.

Another Said:

As a guy I would say that it all depends on how many relationships she’s had.

I wouldn’t tell my future wife about my past. I’d rather start fresh and not want to know her past. Every body has past.

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