Scarcity of water begins in Chaksawari with arrival of summer

Traders of Chakswari face extreme water shortage with the arrival of Summers

Chakswari, With the arrival of summer season, Chaksawari faces extreme shortage of water. Chakswari market water closed from last 5 days. Citizens and traders are facing extreme hard ships with the shortage of water. No body wants to bear claim for the shortage. The turbine administration is also quite. Traders have given ultimatum of one day to the government to direct Municipal Corporation and Local Governments to release the shortage of water.

According to details, Chakswari is facing extreme water shortage from the last 5 days. 4 years ago Prime Minister Azad Kashmir gave permission for the installation of 2 tubewells and pipelines. The tube wells were installed but the pipelines were not laid. Hemce Chakswari people were forced to drink contaminated water and now even that privilege has been revoked.

The people are demanding

that the government should complete its promise for the availability of clean drinking water. If water is not provided within one day than we will close the Kotli Mirpur Road in protest and the responsibility of that would lie on present and local government.

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