Sadiq Khan Lashed by the Tories AND Labour Delayed Brexit

Mayor London, Sadiq Khan was lashed by both Tory and Labour politicians today after he demanded Brexit is delayed to allow time for a new referendum on quitting Europe.

Tory Brexiteers condemned Sadiq Khan and called him undemocratic. Jeremy Corbyn will have to resist a growing clamour to change policy and back a second referendum at next week’s Labour conference.

During an interview to BBC, Mr Khan insisted today that the Leave campaign promises had proven to be ‘lies’ and said he wanted a ‘first ever’ referendum on reality of quitting the EU.

He told, Government could ‘easily’ ask Brussels to ‘suspend’ the current Brexit process to allow time for a new referendum once an exit deal was finalised.

Brexiteer Tory Theresa Villiers reacted with fury to Mr Khan, insisting voters just wanted the Government to ‘get on with it’.

She told ‘It is so undemocratic to ask people to vote again just because there is an elite establishment that does not like the

answer they were given the first time.

‘We have to listen to the result of the referendum and implement it.’

Mr Corbyn will come under acute pressure to bring Labour’s policy into line with a second referendum at next week’s conference where more than 100 anti-Brexit motions have been tabled for debate.

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