Robbers who Killed a Woman During Robbery in Kakra Town Got Arrested

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6 robbers raided at house of Shakil Ahmed, about 3 weeks ago in Kara town and strangled a women during robbery and took gold and cash from house.

Police arrested 5 robbers while one is still at large, those who arrested belong to Bhimber, Chakwal, Gujranwala and other areas of Punjab.

Robbers raided at Shakil’s house, they got access on roof top of house and via washroom they entered other room of house.

70 years old Salamat Bibi mother of house owner Shakil who was sleeping on upper portion of house, woke up and shouted for help, but robbers strangled her to death.

Shakil and other family members went to upper portion of house after listening noise, they confronted robbers, but robbers tied them with robes and carried on their raid.

Robber named Muhammad Afzal resident of Bhimber was residing at Shakil’s Uncle house in Bangrila, Islamgarh. This way the robbers came to knew about Shakil his family and their financial positions.

Gang included a woman named Saima, they used gloves on their hands to avoid finger prints. Gang admitted they tried to raid at house 2 times in past but failed.

Police has locked them behind bars and is investigating about their other robberies.

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