Reham Khan Claims, Imran Khan has fathered 5 kids out of wedlock

In a shocking turn of events, Reham has accused her former husband of fathering five kids out of wedlock.

Here’s how the interaction took place about Imran’s alleged children between the former couple:

“You know she (Sita White) isn’t the only one I have”. He grinned mischievously. There are 5 in total, that I know of”.

“Five what?!” I gasped.
“Kids,” he laughed.
“What? You have five illegitimate children! How do you know?” I asked.
“Well, the mothers told me,” he said.
“All White’s?”
“No, some are Indians. The eldest is 34 now.”
“How Imran? Why did the mother not come out with it?”
“Because she was over the moon! She had been married for ages and couldn’t get pregnant. She was overjoyed, promised to keep it a secret, and begged to keep it. So I said OK.”
“And the rest? Why did they never speak?” I fired at him. There were so many questions in my head.
“Well, because they were all married and they

didn’t want their marriages to be destroyed,” he said.
“Does anyone else know?” I asked, still reeling.
“Only Jemima does. I told her,” he replied nonchalantly.
Reham Khan was married to Imran Khan in January 2015 in a ceremony at his Islamabad home, but divorced ten months later.

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