Reham Khan alleges, Imran Khan forced a girl for abortion in London

Reham Khan, in the book named after her, claimed that women are exploited within the PTI. She alleged that a close friend of the PTI chairman had to make a girl to undergo an abortion. However, Imran Khan has publicly rejected any such allegations.

According to Reham, someone from Gen. Hameed Gul’s think-tank asked her for a meeting in 2014.

“He (the former spymaster), along with my content producer, had come to convince me to do a piece on this very story (abortion story) as they have call recordings of Imran Khan threating some young woman and asking her to abort the child.”

Reham writes in her biography that she declined the idea but later that girl confirmed her pregnancy. Even former PTI leader Fauzia Kasuri openly showed the girl’s pictures to others, claims the former BBC presenter in her book.

She further wrote: “The girl’s close friend told me that the abortion was quite late in the fifth month and there was designated doctor in London who had been performing these duties for a decade.

“He also told me that Imran had a friend in London who looked after him, and also cleaned up any mess created by ‘The Leader’, but I

never believed any of these stories.”

Reham Khan shared in her book that PTI’s chief Imran Khan himself confess to her that the abortion incident has happened.

“He described the girl as a bit of a nerd. He’d been surprised at her getting pregnant, but insisted it had scared him. It was a watershed moment for him.

“He said he was so scared that he had decided to end his wicked ways and settle down. He claimed he wanted no more of that disgusting life.”

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