PTI declares Maryam Nawaz ‘political witch’

After PML-N central vice-president Maryam Nawaz accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of running the government with witchcraft, PTI leaders called Maryam Nawaz a political witch.

PTI declares Maryam Nawaz ‘political witch’
PTI declares Maryam Nawaz ‘political witch’

Reacting to Maryam Nawaz’s statement, Minister of State Farrukh Habib said that 17 million Pakistanis voted for Prime Minister Imran Khan. Habib said that Imran Khan has his own identity, he is a hero of the nation.

Maryam Said, If their magic or calculation is so successful, why not use this jantra mantra for the good of the public!! Why do not you reduce the burden of inflation from the public?

Make flour, sugar, petrol cheap from jantra mantra!

SAPM Dr Shahbaz Gill responding to Maryam Nawaz talks of witchcraft does not suit Maryam Nawaz.

MNA Malika Bukhari said that Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, we will not allow the constitutional institutions of Pakistan to become controversial. Talking to media, Zartaj Gul said that the country has a certified thief whose portfolio has a stockpile of blackmailing people.

Criticism of Media becomes an attack on Journalism. They call themselves watch-guard, but keep missing use of shameful language by Sharif khandaan. Please help them recall these moments from history that they forgot to condemn, compiled by the brilliant researcher Ambreen.