Princess Haya, 45, is ready to convert into Christianity to marry her lover, Bodyguard

Princess Haya, 45, who her wealthy husband and fled Dubai with the desire of marrying a poor ex-soldier of the British Army and also convert into his religion.

As the name and photograph of Princess Haya’s lover now are exposed, it is also proved that Sheikh Maktoum’s suspicion on Haya was was correct.

Her bodyguard who separated his wife in 2018, Princess Haya had bought Russell Flowers several expensive gifts and bought him a Range Rover, as well as other presents including a £50,000 custom, made hunting rifle, Saville Row suits, and a watch.

Following the break-up of Russell Flower’s marriage to his wife, Princess Haya had also bought a farmhouse to accommodate him in a village near Newmarket, Suffolk, where he was based.

Russell Flowers is a former infantry soldier and he has relations with Princess Haya for last three years. He is being named in the divorce proceedings. He is 9 years younger than Haya.

The boyfriend of Princess Haya became too close to her during his five-year posting as Haya’s close protection officer based at the family’s Dalham Hall Stud in Newmarket and accompanied Princess Haya around the world.

She fled Dubai only because of her romantic relations with Russel Flower as she plans to marry him. Earlier, Princess Haya has similar relations with another bodyguard for about two years.

One source close to the family said the Princess insisted that Flowers accompanied her on every foreign trip.

Breaching security protocol, Princess Haya was always remaining with Russell Flower and when she was notified of security risk, she had fired several security men simply with the goal of having Russell Flower beside her.

Russel Flower had divorce from his wife last year as she already came to know about his closeness with Princess Haya.

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