Polish Woman, Natalie, Flies to Pakistan to Marry Sialkot Man, Iftikhar, She met on Facebook

They say love knows no boundaries. A British woman proved it after she flew all the way to Pakistan to marry the love of her life.

Natalie married Iftikhar in a private ceremony in Sialkot, after she converted to Islam for him and changed her name to Laila.

I first sent her friend request and then we started talking after she accepted, man accepts it was not easy as he has wake up till late nights before he fall in love with her.

Iftikhar told he was in UK when he fall in love with Natalie and Polish national. He invited her to UK where they met and bring her to Pakistan for a marriage ceremony after taking permission from his parents.

Last year a US woman named Maria Helena Abrams, 41, married 21-year-old Kashif Ali in a private ceremony in Sialkot.

She converted to Islam for him and changed her name to Maria. She is a reiki master, driver and studying to become a dog trainer.

The two met on Instagram a year back and hit it off instantly.

“I am very happy today,” she said after her wedding. “Kashif Ali is wonderful. I love him and he makes me happy.”

The pair hasn’t decided where they will live after marriage. “It doesn’t matter where we live. As long we are together,” Maria said.