PIA Staff Unable to Use New Booking System, Fills Boarding Passes Manually

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had launched a new system for ticket reservation and replaced the old US-based global online ticket reservation system – SABRE with Turkish company’s HITIT.

But PIA staff is unaware of how to operate the new system properly and manual boarding cards were issued which caused problems for passengers prompting delays in some flights.

Booking details are not available PIA official website as well. People said new systems should be test run before they are implemented, this is poor management by PIA Airline.

PIA airline staff will be using Hitit’s Crane Solutions for reservations, inventory control, ticketing and check-in procedures, flight operations, scheduling, revenue management, accounting and crew management.

PIA spokesperson told media that flights were delayed due to the new IT system and that efforts were underway for removing the problems.

He added, Some of the flight delays are due to other reasons, such as the weather.

PIA airline has requested passengers to cooperate in

case of any inconvenience and contact the airline’s call centre.

Passenger started complaining on PIA official twitter page, and they replied.
We regret the inconvenience caused. We are working with redoubled efforts to transfer the technology as quickly as possible.

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