PIA London Bound Flight Delayed for 3 Hours after a Spat between Captain and Steward

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-757 from Lahore to London was delayed by three hours after a spat between Captain and a cabin crew member who was involved in a smuggling case in past.

The flight captain refused to take onboard flight steward as he accused the latter of involvement in smuggling Watches and mobiles in the United Kingdom.

Two inquiries are on going against the steward for smuggling expensive watches and mobile phones. Inquiries were held against him and in one case he is found guilty of smuggling.

Despite inquiries on him, he was restored to his work place after political influence. Captain raised the concern if UK customs department held him for the cases, then it may affect PIA integrity along with flight captain can also be held for inquiry.

Passengers who waiting for the flight protested against the delay but the fight between the captain and crew members continued.

Meanwhile other crew members protested against the captain’s reservations and refused to fly if the steward was disembarked.

The flight was scheduled to

leave at 9:30am from Lahore Airport, but departed at 12:30pm for London. PIA authorities said they have ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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