PIA is Under a Speedy Decline and Its Fate is Undecided

Pakistan’s National Flag carrier PIA has always been suffering, irrespective of which government’s era its being running under.

PIA is Under a Speedy Decline and Its Fate is Undecided

PIA is Under a Speedy Decline and Its Fate is Undecided

PIA is under a speedy decline and its fate is undecided. It’s all due to its bad customer service to its passengers and lack of on board facilities as compared to other international airlines.

PIA passengers nowadays are always complaining about the most basic facilities most of the airlines provide. For examples, the air vents don’t work; the lights are turned off immediately when the aircraft starts to roll. The worst part is that when a passenger pressed the call bell, it was no also working so he had to shout to call the airhostess.

When he told him to turn on the light on his side, she struggled by pressing and twisting the button, and after that she left him in the trouble to never come back.

Eating on board is also a type of exercise that the passengers have to do because the food tray when opened touches the ribs of the passengers. When asked, a flight attendant told that the plane has been leased from an airline that served no in-flight meals.

In a nutshell, it explains the condition of PIA.It also seems incapable of running its plane on time and in an orderly manner.

When the current government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN), came into power in 2013, the airline was in a horrible shape. It posted an annual loss of 44.5 billion rupees at the end of that year. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said in his speech in the summer of 2014, that the government

wanted to restructure PIA to improve its performance so that it can sold to the private sector at a good price.

Another blow to the airline came in January 2016, when the parliament passed the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Act 2016, which changed PIA status from a government entity to a public limited company. An immediate reaction came from PIA employees. They started country wide strikes, which resulted in disrupting flights and sit-ins at their offices as well as major airports. The conflict became so intense that at one pint there were physical clashes between the employees and the security forces.

Sardar Mehtab Khan was appointed as advisor on aviation to Nawaz Sharif. Khan has been a federal minister and a chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the 1990s and had also worked as the same province’s governor between April 2014 and February 2016, but he had no previous experience in aviation.

Mr. Khan has described PIA’s decline by saying that the airline refuses to improve its performance and to bring improvement in the overall quality. He said that the airline has been working without any business plan for a long time it now it has become a directionless entity.

Source: Herald Dawn

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