PIA Hires Turkish IT Company to Make Online Booking System, Ignores Local IT Talent

PIA press release, the new IT system will improve the Pakistan airline’s website functionality and make online booking more “swift and convenient” for customers.

Chairman and CEO PIA Muhammad Saqib Aziz said that PIA’s new IT partner “will definitely bring more modernisation and convenience to our valued customers for booking seats online.”

Aziz also said that the national carrier is making every effort to ensure that the transition from one service to the other is glitch free.

PIA teams are to remain “available round the clock for smooth and swift transfer in all relevant areas of airline”, the airline said.

The airline’s reservations, inventory control, ticketing, check-in procedures, flight operations, scheduling, revenue management, accounting and crew management will now use HITIT’ s ‘crane’ solutions.

According to the press release, the shift is not only cost effective but offers additional value which will “greatly help PIA in its business activity.”

The national airline has requested users to be patient in case any inconvenience is caused during the system’s transition.

Such online systems can be designed and developed by college/university students in Pakistan. Pakistan

has enough IT talent. These projects should go to Pakistani IT companies to build the local industry. India is providing IT services to the entire world while we are awarding IT projects to foreign companies.

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