Pakistani Singer Rabi Pirzada Faces Prison time for Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets

The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department filed a complaint against singer/hostess Rabi Pirzada for allegedly keeping exotic animals as pets at her beauty salon in DHA, Lahore.

The pet animals reported to be under the singer’s possession include lions, cobras, crocodiles and pythons. She owns four pythons (11 ft. each size approx.) and a crocodiles and majestic lions of which she often post pictures on social media that landed her in hot water.

Speaking to a local media outlet, Pirzada confessed, “I have loved snakes ever since I was young, even though my parents were not in favour of this. They used to try and stop me but I patiently waited till a time I could afford the hobby myself,”.

The authorities took action against Pirzada after fresh photos with her wild pets surfaced on social media.

The wildlife department issued her a legal notice in accordance with the the Punjab Wildlife (Protection, Conservation and Management) Act of 1974 (amended 2007), which can lead to imprisonment for two to three years with a fine of up to Rs 20,000.

The animals will be carefully handed over to the local zoo as soon as they are recovered, said the wildlife department official, adding that further inquiry into the case is underway.

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