Pakistani Girl Celebrated “Happy Divorce” With a Cake at Restaurant, in Lahore

Divorces are still frowned upon and can prove to be particularly difficult for women to handle in deeply patriarchal societies. But Maham Asif, a Telecom Engineer from Islamabad, celebrated Happy Divorce Day.

Happy Divorce Day new trend set by Friend in Lahore Pakistan

Happy Divorce Day new trend set by Friend in Lahore Pakistan

Maham Asif celebrates her divorce with special cake as a surprise from her friend Javeria Virk at Tenerife Cafe, MM Alam Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Last Sunday A woman named Javeria Virk posted pictures of Divorce Celebration of her friend Maham Asif, a Telecom engineer who got divorce. Divorce party was surprise from Javeria Virk to her friend Maham Asif to bring smile on her face.

Javeria Virk shared the Divorce Celebration Pictures on a food group on Facebook last weekend, showing both of them celebrating divorce, which went viral on the social media.

The Mini Celebration shows both friends beaming in front of a chocolate cake laid on the table. The words on the cake read: Happy Divorce.

One can imagine the unique predicament this strange celebration imposed, especially among the relatively conservative factions in Pakistan.

Javeria Virk who is Psychiatrist and friends with Maham Asif, could not bear the sadness on face of her friend and decided to cheer up her face with a surprise Happy Divorce Idea. She invited Maham Asif to a Restaurant and bring the smile on her face back. Maham was not aware of the sudden unique idea of happy divorce from her friend, she was excited about it.

Many people online gave words of support and encouraged Maham Asif to start a new chapter in her life with even more positively.

One said:

Sometimes divorce from a torture marriage is not less than a celebration.

Sometimes a divorce can be a blessing, “blessing” after getting away from toxic relationships.

Beside that she was also criticized for doing this, we leave up to your, to leave your suggestion regarding this new trend.

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