Pakistani Couple, Mustafa and Fatima, Executed in Saudi Arabia for Smuggling Heroin

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Saudi Arabia on Thursday executed a Pakistani couple after it was found “guilty of smuggling heroin” into the Islamic Kingdom. Muhammad Mustafa and Fatima Ijaz were “arrested when they smuggled a quantity of heroin”.

The case was referred to the court where an investigation led to the indictment of the accused, said the Saudi ministry, adding that the punishment was also supported by the court of appeals as well as the supreme court.

Therefore, the ministry said, a royal order to implement the death sentences were issued, and the duo were executed in Jeddah.

According to Justice Project Pakistan, Fatima Ijaz is the first Pakistani woman to be executed in Saudi Arabia since 2014.

The rights group said that three Pakistani nationals, Ijaz, her husband Muhammad Mustafa and Abdul Malik, were executed in the Kingdom.

“It is extremely disheartening to know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has executed its first female Pakistani prisoner in five years,” Sarah Belal, the executive director of Justice Project Pakistan, said in a statement.

She called Ijaz’s execution a “gross failure” of the Pakistani mission to do its constitutional duty.

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